Free Projector

GP!-handWhile Supplies last all new EduCare and BizCare accounts will receive a free GP1 projector.


HTS EduCare and BizCare  services provide 24/7 monitoring and Secured Remote Access for you network. With our tool set we are able to provide support throughout the state of New Mexico while reducing the cost of IT management and support.  Some of the base features include:


  • 24×7 Performance Monitoring verifies all of the critical network devices that comprise your network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally
  • Network Services Monitoring verifies the ongoing availability and connectivity of networking hardware (routers, switches, wireless access points). Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance, bandwidth, traffic and for hardware failures
  • Server Support Services – Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors of server hardware components Connectivity, CPU, Disk and Memory. Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors in server-based Operating Systems
  • Basic Security Services – Monitoring of the availability and connectivity of the firewall to verify the device is up and running
  • Patch Management – Insure workstations and server are kept current with security and other critical updates
  • Priority Response Level – As a preferred contract customer, response to your issues and requests are handled by a more stringent set of terms, and are given priority over non-contract customers


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