Ways to Improve VoIP Call Quality

VoIP - Putting the world at your fingertips

VoIP – Putting the world at your fingertips

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers many advantages, such as cost efficiency and flexibility, but the quality of the connection is not always as clear. If the connection is not reliable, it can frustrate everyone in the workplace. Here are five ways a business can improve its VoIP call quality.
1) Get a Faster Internet Connection:  If a company’s Internet connection is slow, it will dramatically affect voice quality. Although dial-up is cheaper than other Internet connections, it is considerably slower and will decrease the quality of the VoIP solution. A broadband connection is much faster and provides Internet access over a wide area. Additionally, businesses should make sure their networks are secure. If a wireless network isn’t protected, anyone can access it and use up the uploading capacity.
2) Train Staff Members Properly:  Even if a business has the best software and hardware available for VoIP, the technology will not be efficient if employees do not know how to use it correctly. Taking the time to properly train staff members on how to use VoIP can help everything flow better. Have one staff member be the go-to person for any questions about the system.
3) Avoid Uploading and Downloading While Making Calls:  When workers upload or download files while making calls, they can experience dropped calls or low call quality. It is recommended to stop any large downloads or uploads while on call.
4) Enable QoS:  A VoIP system can run more efficiently with a Quality of Service (QoS) enabled on the internal network and the internet router. QoS allows a company to assign high, medium or low priority to each multimedia. If configured properly, QoS features will make voice traffic more of a priority than other data traffic.

5) Work with a Partner that knows Networking:  The time is gone when you phone guy just had to know your phone system. Phone systems are now integrated into your data network and your provider has to be knowledgeable in all aspects of your computer network.
Harris Technology Services, Inc. is a partner understands all aspects of your systems including Voice, Video and Data Networking.

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