Clean up Your UPS

National Clean Out Your Closet Week

March 15th through 22nd

Did you know? The reason your UPS will protect you in a power crisis is because it is a highly sensitive piece of electronic equipment. But that sensitivity can be adversely affected by its environment, aka your UPS closet.

3 easy closet clean ups for a longer-lasting, better-performing UPS:

  1. Go in there. No more “set it and forget it” attitude! The only thing scary about your UPS closet is neglect. Over time, load levels can change and batteries will degrade. Check out your UPS to ensure it is still able to handle the load. And never run it at more than 80% of its maximum capacity.
  2. Unplug any “un-UPS” extraneous equipment. You’d be surprised at what can sneak onto your UPS over the years. Laser printers, space heaters, vacuums and any “high-drain” devices will overload your UPS. We’ve even found coffee makers in clients’ UPS closets. That’s a no no.
  3. Check the tempurature. Many UPS closets are warmer than 104 degrees, the maximum allowable temperature as specified by APC. Elevated ambient temperatures will not only shorten battery life, but increase the chance of total failure. Ideal operating temperatures are between 68-71 degrees.

These tips will increase the life your your UPS and save on power consumption

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