HTS EduCare Improves Management of IT Systems

EduCare provided by Harris Technology Services, Inc. has been a major factor in helping New Mexico School for the Deaf vastly improve its management of IT systems. In a rapidly changing technological world, precise skills come at a premium but are also key to keeping IT systems properly maintained. Lack of correct skills translates into issues of all kinds going undetected or being created and technology issues can quickly escalate into major issues and perhaps lead to critical systems failure. Key benefits EduCare provides for NMSD are accurate threshold monitoring; skilled problem resolution; measurable service level; flexibility so that the customer remains in the drivers set; reporting and real-time system access and much more. Because NMSD IT has become more problem free since we began leveraging the benefits of EduCare, we are now more able to make better IT productivity gains for NMSD. When I find something that works in IT, I tend to stick with it and that is our intention with Harris and EduCare.