There is no company that I would trust more than HTS

I first began working with Harris Technology Services, HTS, in August of 2000 when I became the network administrator of a school district network. The network was large and growing very fast. Harris came in and took the network from several little independent networks and setup the structure that would enable me to grow the network into a fifteen mile fiber optic network connecting five schools using 1500+ computers. The district used HTS for network maintenance during the nine years that I served as Network Administrator and Technology Coordinator.

Mark Harris would come to the district during the summer as the network was growing and expanding. He would help me get the network ready with new services for the new school year. It was always a comfort to know that Mark was a simple email or phone call away. He would always respond that day to any issue that I had.

There were several times when a serious server issue would arise and Mark would drive 125 miles to come and help fix the problem. On more than one occasion, I would leave the office for the day while Mark was working only to come back in the morning to find him still working on the problem. This is dedication to a client.

Nine years in the computer industry is a lifetime, a lifetime off changes and new devices that I had to learn about and use. HTS was always there to help install and configure these devices as the network grew over the years. HTS was always there for consultation on new configurations or services that the staff required. They always allowed me to fully express our needs then discussed different options that would work. HTS never pushed a particular brand of hardware or software.

HTS has a CES contract for purchasing computer parts. I am a very frugal shopper and HTS would always have a  very reasonable price for any parts that I needed. This included the purchase of parts for 2250 brand new computers including 199 inch flat screen monitors for $207,000. That works out to only $88.28 per machine. This was in 2008. Those machines are still in service and will be for several more years.

To work on any network that I manage. All the staff at HTS have various certifications for what they do. Their 24‐7 capability of monitoring makes them the ideal choice for network maintenance. They understand schools and how school budgeting works. Many IT companies demand payment up front and schools cannot pay for services before they are delivered. HTS is school friendly and experts in what they do.

Robert Spitz